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Hello, and welcome to the page. I suppose it might look a bit "1990s" being that it's pure HTML, lacking Javascript, JQuery, PHP, and all. On the bright side, no frames or popups either. As I type this, I don't even have any CSS prepared. I will surely remedy some of this because although this website is not intended to help me find work as a website developer (something I might lack the artistic skills to do even if not the technical skills) I would also not like the plainness of the page to turn people away. I'll mention here that I am using the CoffeeCup HTML editor to make this site. I could type the HTML by hand in Notepad, but I do appreciate the convenience CoffeeCup provides.

The purpose of this website is as a place for me to post my programming projects, or some of them anyway. I will be posting them here directly, with no links offsite to Gethub or one of the major file hosts, etc. I have absolutely nothing against those hosts, of course. I just think I will have a simpler time of it keeping them directly with the website.

I confess some hope that this website might help me find work in software development. I suppose it is also possible a hiring authority will see my work here and, having previously planned to hire me, decide against it after all. I say this as a joke, but if it were to happen, then the site might nevertheless have saved would-be employer and would-be employee a great deal of difficulty. In that case, I suppose it's worth remembering that even a lost job offer is not the worst thing that could happen to a person. In the end, this website is not by any stretch all I am capable of. It may help a hiring authority to realize, though, that my lack of professional programming experience does not correlate with a lack of programming experience altogether. Nor are my programming skills limited to "Hello, world," though there is not shame in it for those whose skills are at that point now. We all started there once.

Anyway perhaps someone will see this and decide I am a good fit for a programming position they have on offer. And if such a happy day never comes . . . well, it was nevertheless worth a try.

I'll almost certainly be visiting the page every day from now until I find work. I have plenty to do here in the mean time, from writing a sort of bio page as an extension of my resume, to polishing up the presentation of the site, to of course uploading some of my hobby programming projects, some of them small things, some larger, some complete, some that were never completed but might still show the way I think when I am programming. I'll talk more on that in the link page for those projects.

So that about does it for the intro. I plan to move my links up into a menu soon, but for now I will add them below this text.

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